The “Mighty” Midwest Region





Fall 2021 Regional Conference Registration
2021 Regional Registration Options

Please DO NOT pay for more than one (1) person per PayPal Checkout.

- Brothers are asked to wear a Fraternity or Brown Polo to the Meeting..

- Zelle/QuickPay to [email protected] provide your FULL NAME and CHAPTER in the Notes/Description field of your transaction.

- Use the PayPal button on the Midwest Regional website to pay through PayPal or using a Credit/Debit card: I do apologize as there does not seem to be a Notes or Description field with this option. If I can not determine your name/chapter from your transaction, I will reach out to you..

- If you have a PayPal account, you can send through PayPal to [email protected], please be sure to use the Friends and Family Option. Again, please be sure to provide your FULL NAME and CHAPTER in the Notes field.

- Registration for the meeting is $25.00 for Undergraduate Brothers and $55.00 for Alumni Brothers. Registered brothers will receive a conference gift for Particpation.